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Procesador AMD FX 4300 3.8Ghz - Socket AM3+

  • REF: ITM004037
 73,14€71,68€Iva Incluido
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Especificaciones técnicas:

Model number FX-4300

Frequency 3800 MHz

Turbo frequency 4000 MHz

Package 938-pin micro-PGA package

Socket Socket AM3+

Architecture / Microarchitecture

Platform Volan

Processor core Vishera

Manufacturing process 0.032 micron

Data width 64 bit

The number of cores 4

The number of threads 4

Floating Point Unit Integrated

Level 1 cache size

2 x 64 KB shared instruction caches

4 x 16 KB data caches

Level 2 cache size 2 x 2 MB shared exclusive caches

Level 3 cache size 4 MB shared cache

Multiprocessing Uniprocessor








AES instructions

Advanced Bit Manipulation

Advanced Vector Extensions

AMD64 technology

Virtualization technology

Enhanced Virus Protection

Turbo Core 2.0 technology

Low power features PowerNow!

On-chip peripherals Dual-channel DDR3 memory controller

HyperTransport technology

Electrical/Thermal parameters

Thermal Design Power 95 Watt

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